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Many of my patients talk about feeling tired and run down at this time of the year.  When the season starts to turn, some of us have trouble keeping up.  Before human life changed as a result of the electric light we lived life more in tune with the seasons.  When living by the seasons, winter is a restful period, almost a semi hibernation, when we replenish our energy reserves.  Now, we spend winter fussing over Christmas and New Year, when really we should be gearing down a little and storing some energy for the next season.  As a result we often struggle when there is a seasonal shift, especially one that naturally calls on us to do more, such as spring.  Here are some simple tips for moving into spring and getting the best out of arguably, the best season.


Get out in the sun.  During early spring many of us miss the sunshine because we are at work.  However, we do have breaks and lunchtime to get outdoors.  It’s a natural energy booster and mood enhancer and even a few minutes can make a difference.  If your employer allows cigarette breaks then, in my opinion they also allow sunshine breaks!  Go get some.

Move.  Get your blood pumping and go for a walk, run, dance, anything that lifts the heart rate. Always make sure you warm up first by stretching your muscles, gently.  Do whatever feels good for your body.

Dump the expensive multivitamins and get some fresh fruit and veg.  Powders and pills purporting to act as diet supplements are, in my opinion, a waste of time and money.  As a nation we spend millions on them each year.  However, we did not evolve to eat dust, so ditch them.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are by far the superior option. Add this seasons’ produce to your plate; even sow a few seeds for salad crops.  Give the vitamin aisle a swerve and reach for the seed packet.

A quick way to power up your diet is fruit water.  Simply steep some chopped fruit in a jug over night, in the fridge and drink up during the following day.  All kinds of great flavours can work.  Even try using herbs such as lemongrass, parsley or mint.  Ginger root is also good with apple or melon.

Make plans.  Spring is naturally a time to start making plans.  What is your focus for the summer ahead?  Set yourself some goals and go get started.

Think better.  Spend some time training yourself to have a positive outlook.  Again, this doesn’t require special courses, training and years of meditation.  Just be more aware of what you are spending time thinking about.  If it focuses on problems or negativity, switch it around.  Think about positive solutions.  Use positive language when talking or thinking.  Look for the good, fun, exciting and uplifting people and things around you.

Let go of dead wood.  Clear out old clothes, give the cupboard under the stairs a sort, avoid the pessimistic neighbour.  Anything that weighs you down, try to dispense of.  If you can’t give it the push, then minimise its’ impact in your head.  Focus elsewhere, a place where you can make changes.

Breathe.  Take a few moments and remember your breathing.  So many of us hold our breath or breathe very shallowly when concentrating on our tasks.  I notice that when taking a patients’ pulse in clinic I stop breathing.  Then wonder why I feel light headed!  A few deep inhalations send a great pulse of oxygenated blood around your body as well as releasing waste gas like carbon dioxide.  Make sure you breathe right down to your belly for best effect.

Finally, remember my practice mantra Relax, Heal, Enjoy and make sure you make time for each this spring.

* In Chinese medical theory there are five seasons….’late summer’ is classed as a distinct, yet short, period when time appears to stand still at the end of summer before the decline into autumn.

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