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Essential Oil Therapy

Essential oil therapy uses plant oils in an exciting and inventive way. All kinds of products and blends can be created from scratch just for you. It may be for help with a physical issue, an emotional one or simply just for your pleasure. Essential Oil Therapy differs from aromatherapy because massage is not involved. Instead of administering the essential oils in a massage, we create and design products that can be used at home.

Starting with an Initial Consultation

If you are wanting to have a selection of products designed for you, it is best to start with an Initial Consultation. This is where we sit down, discuss your requirements and start to figure out the kinds of essential oils and plant ingredients that are going to suit you best. This takes around an hour and we will cover issues like your general health, sleep, skin type and the kinds of products you already like and use. We will also spend time looking at the types of blends you might like and how best to use them. You will probably hear about new and adventurous ways to incorporate oils and plant ingredients into your daily life so that you can get the maximum benefit.  

An Initial Consultation costs £40 and this includes your first two products, designed especially for you.  Extra products are charged as listed below.

There are many, many different types of products that can be designed for you to use, far too many to list here. 

"Lockdown gave me time to expand my knowledge"

Even as a child I had an interest in plants, their medicinal properties and essential oils. Lockdown gave me chance to invest time and energy into this interest and bring it into my professional life. This is an exciting time for me and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

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