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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Looking good helps you 'Feel Good'

Cosmetic Acupuncture


Appearance is an important part of our wellbeing. Acupuncture aims to enable us to be in the best health we can achieve. Cosmetic acupuncture helps to complement the skins appearance.   Cosmetic Acupuncture is not the latest fad or a new thing on the market it has, in fact, been practiced in China for thousands of years. 

This is a superb alternative to medical and chemical treatments. 

The treatment works by stimulating the facial muscles and blood flow under the skin to help tone and replenish the skins structure. Immediately after the treatment the skin will look fresher and more vibrant. This will further develop over the next couple of days as the treatment is only the starting point and the improvements continue. 


What is involved?


Your skin is treated with a combination of needling techniques, massage and cleansing. Expect to find the experience relaxing. Patients often comment on feeling calm and relaxed after the session. Advice on looking after your skin with diet, sleep, products and cleansing regime will be discussed.  The number treatments you have is up to you. We will discuss this in detail during your first consultation once an assessment of your needs has been undertaken.




Super fine needles are used throughout treatment, some so small they can only be used with tweezers!  There is very little sensation, plus anaesthetic cream can be used to reduce sensation even further.  Even though patients regularly comment on how relaxing the experience is, cosmetic acupuncture may not be for everyone.  It is highly recommended that you first discuss your needs in depth.  You will normally be advised to have a ‘test’ treatment to ensure this approach is suitable for you.




Single treatments start at £65 and last 1 hour. 


Your treatment is further enhanced with the use of aromatherapy products produced by Alex to cleanse, tone, nourish and moisturise.


Book your cosmetic treatment

If you feel ready to arrange your cosmetic acupuncture treatment you can use this link to see the diary and book your session.

I really look forward to this treatment. In combinatation with the products you have made for me, my skin looks so radiant and fresh. Big thumbs up!


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