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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs for Five Element Acupuncture

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Five Element Acupuncture that may help you to decide if it’s for you.


What can Five Element Acupuncture treat?

Advertising guidelines produced by the Advertising Standards Agency prevent specific conditions being mentioned in leaflets and on webpages.  Whilst understanding the need to protect patients from unsubstantiated claims in advertisements, these guidelines make it very difficult to communicate the benefits of this magnificent system of healing.

For an honest appraisal of what can and can’t be treated and whether I think I may be able to help you, please make contact with me.

Will it hurt?

Needling can create a pleasant dull ache sensation.  You can feel a warmth sensation or a ‘fizzing’.  Where the needles are placed is what makes the difference to the sensation.  Your hands and feet are more sensitive than, say, your back or legs.

How long does each treatment take?

The Initial Consultation takes approximately one hour, but I allow up to one and a half hours.  This gives plenty of time to discuss your particular health needs and conduct the first acupuncture treatment.  As with all your acupuncture sessions, they are unique to you and so the length of time it takes to complete the first visit varies person to person. Subsequent treatment length is decided between us depending on your feedback. The conditions we are treating and the complexity of your requirements also plays a part.  I offer either half-hour, hour-long or two hour follow up sessions.

How many treatments will I need before I see results?

This varies from person to person and on the condition treated.  How long you have had the condition and its’ severity, will determine how many treatments are required to bring about significant change.  Please bear in mind:  sometimes it can take time for treatment to take effect on the root cause of your complaint.  Do not expect to have two treatments and see immediate change.  Often, a short course of treatment is necessary to bring about a sustained improvement.  This is normally between 5 and 10 treatments.  Then an occasional top up may be required, for example, monthly or quarterly. 

The first few treatments give an indication of the rate of improvement to expect.  Acupuncture can be both a time and financial commitment, you need to consider this prior to beginning treatment.

On some occasions there can be an almost instantaneous improvement after just a few treatments.  As I say, it depends on the history of the complaint and the individual patient, so once again, speak to me for a more detailed assessment.

Are evening appointments available?

Yes, plus Saturdays.

How much will it cost?

£55 for the first treatment (up to one and a half hours) and £40 for subsequent hour long treatments or £25 for half hour.  Two hour sessions are £60. Here is my full price list.

Does my health insurance cover Acupuncture?

Check the small print of your policy or speak to your insurer.  Some companies cover all the cost, others a percentage.  I will provide receipts that are submitted to your insurer and they will reimburse you.

Where is the nearest parking to Garden Clinic?

There is free parking right outside the clinic at Priory Green, Acomb. 

What will I feel like after a treatment?

Most people report that they feel very relaxed and calm after a treatment.  Very occasionally you can feel tired and drowsy.  With some conditions there may be a flare up of symptoms as treatment progresses.  In fact, this is a positive sign and indicates that the body is responding to treatment and is starting to resolve the root cause of the problem.


If you have a question not answered here I would welcome the opportunity to discuss five element acupuncture with you.  My contact details are provided below:

Is the Acupuncture profession regulated?

Yes, by The Association of Acupuncture Clinicians (AAC), part of the British Acupuncture Federations (BAF).  I am a member of The Association of Acupuncture Clinicians, which provides full public liability insurance.  Find out more here.  I am also a member of Complementary Health Professionals which covers my work as an Essential Oil Practitioner.

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