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So this is my inaugural blog!  What can you expect to see on here in the future.  Well, to some extent your guess is as good as mine.  Certainly, there will will be chat about Five Element Acupuncture, but who knows where else we may wander?

This blog offers an opportunity to fill in some of the gaps about acupuncture treatment that is not presented in the main body of the website.  I suppose the website is more ‘the shop window’ and treatments and the blog are a step inside.

Most patients when they start acupuncture treatment with me do not know anything of the Five Element theory.  I always ask if they would like their treatments explaining or prefer to get on with it.  Probably 90% want an explanation.  Only normal when you think about it, I am coming at you with needles after all  So this is the perfect place to explore the Elements and open up the theories behind treatment.  We will also explore self treatments and practical steps that can be taken to support your treatments and improve your health and happiness.

Also look out for discussions on hot topics in the field such as restrictions on advertising, treatment explanations, clinic reviews, recipes and maybe even special offers.  Let’s see where it takes us!

Happy reading.

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