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Acupuncture treatment is more than just needles.

As a traditional medicine acupuncture has taken millennia to evolve. Practitioners commit to a lifetime of learning, reflection and application. Acupuncture treatment is about achieving and maintaining a positive-health lifestyle. So, when you come for treatment some of the following areas will be considered, as appropriate to you:

Diet, nutrition and eating
Exercise, activity and mobility
Self care regimes
Stress management and relaxation
Sleep and rest patterns
Cosmetic and anti ageing
Goal coaching and choosing health

Your treatment plan will encompass those areas which are relevant to your health success. This means mental and spiritual health as well as achieving your best physical health.

Acupuncture is a positive health choice that extends far beyond any treatment room.  Choosing acupuncture can mean making changes in many different areas of your life.  Often, these are small changes, but they are incredibly beneficial.  Together we will look broadly at your lifestyle and see where we can make the most positive impact.  True acupuncture is participatory.  That’s a flash phrase for involving some effort and motivation on your part.

Relaxing with the needles in is only the start.  It’s also probably the easiest bit too!

Acupuncture is all about looking after what we have and making the most of it.  Each of us will get something different out of it depending on our perspective and point in life.  We can take as little or as much as we want depending on what we need.

Consider treatment in terms of the following key words and this may help you decide if the time is right to begin an acupuncture lifestyle for yourself:

Time – a tranquil time to touch base with yourself and dedicate to improving health and wellbeing. You can choose between hourly or half hourly sessions depending on need.

Understanding – spending time with a healthcare professional who listens and prioritises you. This is your opportunity to share feelings, emotions and experiences in a safe space. A problem shared!

Confidentiality – you are free to discuss areas in your life that require attention. This is a safe, stable and importantly, non-judgemental environment that allows honesty, a vital step in nourishing health and freeing your spirit.

Support – a foundation upon which to build a positive approach to your health. See it as a steadying, nourishing force that builds over time. It should also be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Your questions are always welcomed!

Remember, it’s all about:

Relaxing, Healing, Enjoying!

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