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Diet plays a huge part in all healing processes.  You will always be asked about your diet during an initial consultation.  Depending on your specific requirements, dietary advice may be part of your treatment plan.  One fascinating method to drastically improve your nutrient supply is adopting ‘Green Smoothies’ as a regular edible habit. I’ve known about smoothies since the late ’80s when Scott and Charlene ordered them in ‘Neighbours’ (showing my age!). Green smoothies are new to me.  On first hearing about them I have to say, the idea did not appeal. However, a very motivated and inspiring friend who is on a raw food journey, continued to sing their praises.

If you have a blender, the world is your oyster!  I would always start a smoothie off with fruit. This makes the smoothie sweet and palatable, so that stronger greens or vegetables can be included without it tasting like compost.  Soft fruits are always a good starting point for the sweet side of the smoothie.  These include strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Bananas are also good.  Pineapple, mango, kiwi, sharon fruit (persimmon), melon and grapes can then be added to give some character to the flavour.  If you are just starting to experiment with smoothies, I suggest keeping your ingredients simple to begin, until you know what flavours you prefer.  Once you have your basic fruit ingredients decided you can start to think about your ‘greens’ or vegetables.  An excellent starting point is spinach.  It’s full of great nutrition and does not add a particularly strong taste.  Also try:

Cucumber – go easy, it can be over-powering

Celery – adds a nice salty aspect and balances the sweetness of the fruit

Kale – nice powerful kick, maybe build up to this one!

Beetroot – delicious blended with just orange juice

Carrot  – will blend down easily and provide a lovely appetising colour

Lettuce – sounds gross, but adds a light earthy flavour

Smoothies are readily digested by the body as the blender has done most of the work.  This makes them a highly efficient super food that saves energy, which can be directed elsewhere if the body needs to heal and recuperate.  Caution must always be taken when changing your diet and you must start slowly.  Too much fruit in one sitting can cause all kinds of rapid bowel activity and should be avoided.  People suffering with IBS and other bowel or digestive issues need to proceed with caution also.  Checking with a GP or specialist consultant is always a good way to begin, particularly if you are on a restricted diet for whatever reason.

Having said all that, giving the body fresh, pure and easily accessible nutrition can provide amazing health improvements.  I’ve found green smoothies to be a great help for people with low energy, chronic fatigue, skin problems, under going chemotherapy and even low libido!

So, in summary – start gently and with simple fruit and veg combinations and enjoy!

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