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 Having acupuncture treatment is just one method of taking care of yourself.  Giving your treatment it’s very best chance is important in terms of maximising the healing capacity of your body and getting the most out of your investment.

Here are a few ideas on getting the most from your acupuncture session.  This advice is especially relevant after an initial consultation and treatment, whilst we assess how you respond to acupuncture.  Often, the greatest changes take place after the first session.  Being prepared for these changes and giving your body time to ‘develop’ the treatment is crucial in your healing success.

Please consider this simple, yet effective advice:

  • Take time to rest.  Ideally after your treatment.  If this is not possible, at some point during the day.
  • If you feel sleepy, taking time to nap can be very beneficial.  This gives your body time off and provides some quality healing time.  I often think that getting a short nap after treatment is as effective as having another treatment on the same day!
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Keep hydrated.  Plain water is great.
  • Try to follow your body’s signals.  Feel sleepy, rest.  Hungry, eat.  Thirsty, drink.
  • Should you get an energy rush, which sometimes happens, avoid over exerting yourself as you may get an energy ‘hang-over’ the next day.  Try to take some gentle exercise, then rest.
  • Eat lightly, not a ten course banquet.
  • Follow any advice that you have been given as part of your treatment plan.  This advice is aimed at boosting your healing potential.
  • Sometimes patients feel slightly dizzy or they describe feeling ‘space-cadet’ or woozy.  Avoid driving straight after a treatment if this happens.  Maybe take a walk around the block whilst you adjust.
  • Very, very occasionally needling may cause a bruise.  This will normally pass after a day or two.  If this bothers you try rubbing with Arnica gel or cream from the chemist.  However, ALWAYS READ THE LABEL FIRST.
  • Sometimes there may be an itchy sensation during or after needling.  This is common.  It will pass.  Avoid scratching, this will make it worse.  Dabbing with water normally speeds settling of this sensation.

I hope this advice proves useful in giving you a superb acupuncture experience.

Relax, Heal, Enjoy!


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