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We are now into a season of extremes, extreme weather, eating habits and spending to name but a few.  Christmas can be a great deal of fun but it can take it’s toll, not least with our health.

Feasting, drinking, partying, power-shopping and then when the New Year hits the guilt sets in and everywhere you look there’s a detox diet or excercise regime looking at you with judgemental eyes.

A few tiny health habits introduced now can really help reduce the stress on your body and mind and will pay huge dividends over time.  There’s no huge commitment to make, no extra expense and all will help you balance the extremities of  Christmas 2012.

Have a look and consider introducing two or three of these simple activities on a regular basis from now onwards:

  • Drink an extra glass of water a day – couldn’t be any simpler but most of us drink less than we think and it makes a huge difference to the effectiveness of the body and mind.
  • Drop the salt and freeze a lemon – by grating frozen lemon over your food it gives it a great lift and reduces blood pressure boosting salt levels.  Plus, it prevents waste as we often have bits of lemon left over from the G&T!
  • Get some sunlight – every now and again we get a cold crisp day.  Get out in it!  Whether Fido gets an extra walk or walking instead of using the car are great ways to boost Vitamin D levels, boost circulation and lift the spirits.  Don’t see it as a chore, see it as an investment in your future health.
  • Get on down!  – hit the kitchen dance floor once in a while.  Consider pumping up the bass when doing boring tasks and build up a sweat to your favourite tunes.  It will help make the housework pass quicker and will lift your heart rate.  No gym membership required!
  • Mix a green smoothie cocktail – a fast, efficient route to brilliant digestion, hair, skin, energy levels, clear thinking and is far, far superior to chalky vitamin supplements that the body often cannot absorb.  Have a look a Diane Kidman’s book on Amazon called ‘Smoothie Power’.  This is an insanely good read and will change your life – guaranteed!!
  • And finally….spend some time in the now!  Stop concentrating on what tomorrow may bring, don’t brood over the past, just enjoy the now.  Whether it’s taking time to look at the sky, birdwatch in your own garden or enjoy a cup of tea, spend time in the present moment.  When your mind starts to wander, just think ‘stop, my mind’s wandering, think of now!’

All of these are super simple, yet super good news for your health when done regularly.  There’s no great sacrifice and no expense, other than time.  Treat yourself this festive season and most of all, have a fun time doing it.

The Relax, Heal, Enjoy checklist:

More water

Replace salt with grated lemon

Get out in the winter sun

Dance the domestic shuffle!

Try Green Smoothies

Think now!

Have a Merry and Simple Christmas!

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