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Acupuncturists seek natural patterns

Patterns are everywhere. Look up now and see. They are on that feature wall opposite. They are on our clothes, furniture, our finger-tips and all around in nature. The universe is based on them. Seasonal patterns, growth spirals in plants (137.5 degrees), planet orbits, mating cycles, they can be found all over the shop.

Yin-yang theory is a pattern too. A pattern of life and death, growth and retraction. An ever-changing cycle following a set pattern.

A set pattern.

A set pattern!

How many set patterns exist in your life? I’m talking about patterns that you dictate, routines that you live and think by. Stop for a moment and think about your set patterns. This can be tricky as they can be so ingrained that we can find it difficult to separate ourselves from them and objectify them.

Let me show you some of mine and let’s see if you recognise them?

A recent one that has emerged is falling asleep too early in the dark evening, say 9pm and then waking at 2pm wide awake and ready to go. I then lie in bed for an hour reading the news, checking emails and generally flooding my brain with blue light from my mobile. I then drift off back to sleep at about 4am and re-wake at 7am feeling tired.

My friend, this pattern is not working for me!

I would assign that pattern to a behaviour pattern. What about other patterns in my life? How about patterns of thought?

A routine thought pattern I fall into is lazy-lacking-motivation-boredom-frustration pattern. This one really aggravates me and it takes a while for me to work my way out of it. It normally results in some over reaction humongous house/business restructure overhaul to get me out of it and re-motivated. I feel exhausted just thinking about it, frankly!

It is fair to say that some patterns work well and others don’t.

Are you aware of your patterns that do and those that don’t?

Think of how much easier life would be if we could constructively critique our own patterns and use more of those that work and shed those that don’t.

The good news is, WE CAN!

And, it’s pretty easy. Here are some pointers to get you on your way:

  • Start small


  • Notice some of your daily routines such as getting ready for work and analyse them for their comfort and effectiveness


  • Notice if they make you feel ‘in flow’ or ‘at odds’


  • Act accordingly, grow the ‘flow-ers’ and ditch the ‘odders’


  • Use this reflective technique to assess your thought patterns too


  • Create a ‘mental watcher’ to keep an eye on your own thought patterns. This just means being more aware of your own thoughts and see if they work for, or against you


  • Take people with you. Encourage those who share your life to help look at how your patterns work for each other. Talk about the concept, reflect on your ‘together patterns’ and see if they are working for you


  • Try to incorporate this pattern of observation every single day to keep your life flexible, responsive and fresh.


We are about to be bombarded with the whole “New Year, New You” hog-wash.

I hate it. It’s a cliché. It’s normally propagated by someone trying to sell you something!

Ignore it this year and instead, make a resolution to keep your patterns at the fore of your mind and keep them working for you every day of the year.

This January I will be using the theme of patterns in a great deal of my acupuncture work. Have a think about your patterns and maybe come with some ideas and puzzles that we can chew over.

Have a fantastic 2017!


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