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Acupressure is simply applying gentle pressure to an acupuncture point.  No needles required!  I use it on babies and young children.  As the pressure is applied using a finger it is an excellent opportunity for self treatments, particularly when we find ourselves in challenging situations.

Shen Men is a point found on the Heart meridian, at the wrists.  This makes it an easily accessible place for when stress strikes.  Plus, you can use it without anyone else knowing.  The photograph above shows acupressure on Shen Men in ‘action’.

So, what do you do?  First, let’s properly locate the point.   Shen Men is on both wrists, proximal to the Pisiform bone.  What the heck?  Find the knobbly bone at your wrist, along a line from your little finger, then, press lightly in front of it, you will feel a stringy tendon.  You then need to feel in slightly towards the centre of the wrist.  There is a nice little hollow at this point.  That’s the point!

Once you’re happy that you have found the point, gently massage it with enough pressure to get a slight achey sensation.  Start on the left writ first and massage for a few moments to get the ‘ache’.  Don’t worry too much if the ache does not come right away, the pressure will activate the point and start the calming magic.  Then repeat on the right wrist.

Hey presto, you’ve given yourself an acupressure for stress treatment.  If you have any queries or concerns about using the point, please speak to your acupuncturist or get in touch with me direct.

Interestingly, Shen Men, when written in Chinese means ‘Gateway to the Spirit’ and the point is thought to allow us to see the inner beauty of our own spirit and that of others.

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