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Feel Good with Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture is a distinct style of traditional acupuncture originating from ancient China.  It sees each person as a unique individual and assumes that their health care should also be specifically tailored to their needs.  Five Element theory is a beautiful philosophy, primarily concerned with helping us seek balance in life, our health and our relationships.

This film, created by acupuncturist Sylvia Schroer, beautifully introduces us to some of the foundation principles within this system of health care.

My Values and Philosophy

Five Element Acupuncture is an amazing thing! It transforms lives. Even after providing several thousand treatments it still excites and surprises me each day.

I believe acupuncture has something to offer everyone.

Here are some of the ‘key words’ that form the philosophy supporting each treatment I provide:

Fun – patients new to acupuncture do not expect it to be fun. Whether it’s the needles or the reason for their visit, it isn’t generally perceived as a barrel of laughs. However, laughter is the best medicine and some light heartedness can help the healing process. Even in the most dire of situations there is light to be found to help us through!

Honesty – I feel it imperative that we ground treatments in honesty. You will always receive a clear answer from me on my expectations on acupunctures’ ability to help. If I don’t think it will, I will tell you. My years of clinical experience give me a good understanding of where acupuncture can excel and where it may fall short. I also expect honest feedback from my patients on their progression and the changes to their lifestyle that might have been suggested. This honest communication will enable me to help you most.

Positive – Attitude is everything. It makes a vast difference to your health and enjoyment of life. You may come to acupuncture in despair. My role is to support you on an upward trajectory. Yes, we will make time for moans and groans, but ultimately you choose acupuncture to move you forward. A positive outlook from both of us will help you on your way.

Challenging – Acupuncture is far more than the insertion of a needle. We will look at your whole lifestyle as we seek to bring you into balance. I will challenge how you do things and make suggestions on how you could move forward with a new perspective on your health and wellbeing.

To find out more about Traditional Acupuncture visit the British Acupuncture Council website

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Feel Good with gentle acupuncture treatment

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