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Covid 19 Information

In light of recent events surrounding Covid19 virus, I ask you to observe the following points.  These items are aimed at protecting patients with underlying health issues who may be vulnerable to the spread of this virus. 

Please do not make an appointment or attend an appointment if you have a cold of any kind.  A cold for the purposes of these temporary measures include; a cough, a sore throat, chest infection or fever. I politely request that you be clear of any of these symptoms for a minimum of seven days before attending an appointment. 

On attending an appointment the emphasis is on you to use sterilising hand gel or spray provided at the clinic.  

Appointments are now one hour long. Half hour appointments have been suspended for the time being.  

You may notice that start times have changed to reduce crossover of patients and provide time for thorough cleaning.

Your forehead temperature will be taken with an infrared, radiation free thermometer. This will not touch your skin. 

Before entering the building you will be asked to sterilise your hands and be given a single-use face mask for use during the treatment when social distancing can not be maintained. 

You will notice some changes in the treatment room. This is to minimise surface contact and improve sterilisation and cleaning. 

Your practitioner will use a face mask, face shield and gloves at various points in your treatment.

A waste receptacle will be placed outside the door of the clinic for you to place face masks and gloves if you do not wish to take them away.

Please bring your own drink as refreshments are no longer available. You will be asked to wear gloves when using the toilet facility.

If you have had known close contact with a Covid19 sufferer or suspected sufferer please do not attend an appointment.

If it has been agreed that you can attend acupuncture treatment, please visit the ‘screening and consent’ page here.  








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