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Deciding to book acupuncture treatment…

You are able to book acupuncture in York via the online booking form below. These bookings are for the Priory Green Clinic, in Acomb, only. ┬áNew patients should ensure they book an ‘initial consultation’ so that we can spend time setting out an appropriate treatment plan together.

Existing patients are also welcome to book via this system and can choose between a half hour, hour or two hour long appointments.

What to expect during your treatment

I like to treat in a relaxed and friendly style, which helps put my patients at ease and enable us to make the most progress as quickly as possible. Everything we discuss is confidential. It is usual for a number of issues to be considered within your treatment plan, so please have a think beforehand and decide what we should work on together. Please remember your physical and emotional health can be supported with acupuncture treatment.

I will ask you about your general health, why you are seeking help and about your lifestyle. Sleep patterns, diet, exercise, energy levels and mood will all be considered. We will also cover any questions you may have. If you take medications, please bring details.

During your treatment I will take a pulse reading on your wrist. Needling will be gentle with ultra fine, single-use sterile needles. It is likely you will need to partially undress to so that needling can be undertaken. You will be provided with blankets to cover up and treated with respect at all times.

If you require special assistance with mobility, please speak to me before making your booking.

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