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Add an essential oil prescription to your treatment

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Feel Good with Acupuncture & Essential Oil Therapy

You can now add aromatherapy to your treatment

As well as an acupuncturist I am a registered Essential Oil Practitioner with the Complementary Medical Association.

Acupuncture and essential oils work very well together. An Individual Prescription can be prepared during your session for you to take away to enhance your wellbeing and healing. Or oils can be included within your acupuncture treatment.

Integrating essential oils into your treatment

As part of your acupuncture treatment you will have the choice to include essential oils if appropriate. We will discuss the best way to incorporate oils for your benefit. Options may include:

  • Applying oils during your acupuncture treatment when massage is required (please note I do not offer aromatherapy massage as a lone treatment)
  • Using therapeutic oils for gentle inhalation during your session
  • Advising on which oils can help you best and how to use them
  • Having a product blended specially for you to take home (price list below)

New Product: Immortelle Beauty Balm

These little tins are packed with antioxidant and hydrating powers. Plus, Immortelle, has the power to renew cells and promote healing.

Each 50ml tin contains the following:

Immortelle Helichrysum italicum oil

Rosewood Aniba rosaeodora oil

Orange Citrus sinensis oil

Sweet Almond, Evening Primrose & Sunflower seed oils with beeswax to help set the balm.

Immortelle Beauty Balm is perfect for the most delicate of skins. The hard balm melts on contact with skin and immediately sinks in, thanks to Sweet Almonds ability to deep dive into skin, taking the nourishing essential oils with it. Only tiny amounts of balm are required to moisturise and it is highly recommended you use a spatula to keep the product pristine. There are no preservatives here! However, the essential oils will help keep the balm pure.

Use as a deep moisturiser or it is perfect for ‘slugging’!

What is ‘slugging’?

It is the latest Instagram beauty fad, but it does work!!

Simply, cleanse your skin thoroughly and apply a thick layer of balm over your face and neck.  Slugging is best done at night as you will be shiny. The thick layer of product is left on over night to act as a hydrating mask and results are impressive. It is often done with vaseline, but as it is a petrochemical, I would avoid vaseline at all costs!

Immortelle Beauty Balm can also be used with a hot muslin cloth for oil cleaning the face. Melt some balm in your hands and thoroughly cleanse face in circular motions. Then remove the excess with a muslin cloth or flannel soaked in hot water. Perfect!!

You will notice the balm has a gentle citrus, herbal scent. Nothing over-powering, but a warming, comforting aroma.

I hope you enjoy this exciting new balm! As always, make sure you do a patch test before using a new product.


Thank you 




"Lockdown gave me time to expand my knowledge"

Even as a child I had an interest in plants, their medicinal properties and essential oils. Lockdown gave me chance to invest time and energy into this interest and bring it into my professional life. This is an exciting time for my clinic and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

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