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The Slimming Clinic

Doctor Led Personal Weight Loss

I am now working with The Slimming Clinic to offer health assessments as part of their Explore weight loss programme.

The Slimming Clinic offer remote doctor led weight loss programmes and have helped thousands of patients lose weight in over 30 years of operation. 

They are passionate about helping patients to improve their lives through weight loss and health improvement. 

You can start your weight loss journey with The Slimming Clinic today by joining the Explore weight loss programme and having your physical health assessment with me, here in York.

Your Explore weight loss programme includes: 

  1. Initial private telephone consultation call with a Doctor,
  2. A physical health assessment in a location closest to you,
  3. Immediate access to a 14-day Facebook group with every piece of advice The Slimming Clinic think you’ll need to get started on your weight loss journey
  4. Blood pressure monitor, where applicable 
  5. Your physical health checks will take place here at Alex Lochhead Acupuncture where you will have a 10-minute physical health screening.
  6. We will use Biometric and Stethoscope tests to monitor and record checks such as:
  7. Blood Pressure
  8. Heart Rate
  9. Weight
  10. BMI

Your physical health assessment is followed by a second remote telephone appointment with a friendly, professional doctor from The Slimming Clinic a couple of days later. 

Using your physical health results, your doctor will help design an online weight loss programme that is tailored to your individual weight loss and health needs.

The assessment means you can be assured that The Slimming Clinic will tailor the best doctor led weight loss programme and treatments for you and your weight loss needs, meaning you will have a greater chance of reaching your weight loss goals. 

The Slimming Clinic offer remote online weight loss programmes that mean losing weight is even easier and more convenient than ever. 

Their remote appointments mean you can speak to a medical professional 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday, anywhere you are – home, work or even on holiday – so your weight loss journey never goes off track. 

To find out more about The Slimming Clinic and how you can have your health assessment at Alex Lochhead Traditional Acupuncture, call 0800 917 9334 or visit 


Acupuncture in York, for everyone.

Garden Clinic is a peaceful acupuncture clinic based in Acomb, York, created by experienced practitioner Alex Lochhead. Here you can find a welcoming, relaxing place to unwind and heal. This time is about you and helping you move forward. You are guaranteed confidentiality, safety, cleanliness and the experience of a full time British Acupuncture Council affiliated practitioner.

Acupuncture in York

I booked in the first session and to be honest have not looked back.  Alex goes about his job in such a professional way that is to the highest standard.  His approach is relaxed, which in turn relaxes you.  I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to try traditional acupuncture with Alex.  It has and is a brilliant experience that you should try at least once and you will be surprised at how it can affect you!


I had been searching for acupuncture in York and found Alex via an internet search. His manner is relaxed, yet professional and the clinic he has built is second to none. 


Alex is highly professional and knowledgeable and has created a relaxing atmosphere to work in.


I cannot recommend Alex’s service enough. I was sceptical at traditional acupunctures’ ability to help but the treatment and speed of my recovery has been fantastic.


I was recommended Alex by a close friend.  He is a marvellous holistic practitioner, whose engaging manner and care have made each visit therapeutic in every sense.


I have been a client of Alex for several years. He is not only extremely knowledgeable but intuitive when it comes to acupuncture. On many occasions I have witnessed the healing power of his skills and also his empathy, one always comes away feeling uplifted not least by his sense of humour.


If I ever needed proof or was in any doubt that acupuncture works I now have it! Previous to lockdown I saw Alex every two weeks for treatment to help manage a chronic condition. I have always been aware of the benefits of these visits but never more so than now, when I am struggling to find ways to manage without acupuncture. I can’t recommend it enough.


I have been getting acupuncture in York from Alex for over two years now. My treatments have helped with specific conditions as well as benefitting my general wellbeing and health. My hour with Alex always leaves me feeling lighter, more balanced and positive. His cosy and spotless clinic is an oasis of greenery, light and calmness. I would highly recommend him.


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