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Staff Savings

Hello and Welcome to Alex Lochhead Traditional Acupuncture in York!

You have found this page because you are a staff member (or family member) of Nestle in York.

This entitles you to money off Acupuncture treatments.

Here you can find a link that tells you all about acupuncture and the types of things it can help.  My particular interest is in helping people with stress, anxiety, low mood and depression move forward.  This involves looking at your lifestyle, talking through issues and using gentle acupuncture to stimulate the body and mind to become more balanced and peaceful.

Balance is a very subjective thing and means different things to different people.  That’s why I like to take time in your treatment to find out exactly where you want to be and help you get there.

Pain is most commonly the reason why people think of getting some acupuncture.  I like this approach because it uses the bodies own natural defences to try and tackle this discomfort without using medications.  However, acupuncture is not just limited to physical pain.  It helps treat the mind too.

As a member of Nestle’s team you can receive the following savings off treatment:

£10 off your initial consultation and first treatment.

You pay £35, not £45.

£6 off all subsequent hour long acupuncture treatments.

You pay £30, not £36.

My purpose built clinic is modern, clean and private.  It is a comfortable and peaceful environment for you to enjoy your treatment within.  You can take a tour of my clinic right here. There is plenty of parking outside and it’s free of charge.

I welcome your questions on any aspect of acupuncture and you are under no obligation.  Please feel free to get in touch to find out more.

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